The 6 Reasons Why You Should Never Shred Your Own Sensitive Documents

Many people don’t realize that identity theft is a real thing. Furthermore, they don’t realize that often, identity theft happens because sensitive documents get into the wrong hands. You can avoid this by shredding sensitive documents that you have at your home, or if you have a business or organization, you can shred these documents as well.

The question is where should you shred your documents. Many companies, organizations and individuals feel that shredding documents themselves is the best idea, but it’s actually not a wise choice, and here’s why.

1) You’ll waste your precious time.

Paper shredding at home will ultimately take you a lot of time. Unless you have an extremely large and expensive shredder, someone will need to feed each document through the shredder, which can take hours.

2) You’ll waste your money as well.

Document destruction Victoria naturally requires the use of a quality shredder, and these can be extremely expensive, especially if you purchase one that is meant for business and industrial use. They also require special parts if they need fixing.

3) The whole experience can be stressful.

When you know that you have sensitive information from other people, it can be stressful when it comes to dealing with this information. However, handing this responsibility over to professionals can put your mind at ease and reduce the stress on you and your employees. Furthermore, professionals will make sure that you are abiding by federal and state regulations on the destruction of personal information.

4) Your personal information might still be at risk.

When you use an at home paper shredder, you are not actually destroying your sensitive documents in the most effective way because these shredders shred documents in a way where information could still be compromised. On the other hand, professional paper shredders absolutely destroy sensitive documents so that they could never be put back together or deemed readable.

5) You may lose customers if they know that you don’t outsource your shredding.

Your clients and customers will be happiest knowing that their sensitive information is being completely destroyed by professionals.

6) You can get other services done when you go with a secure document shredding company.

Many document shredding companies also take care of things like hard drive destruction. This can be valuable so that digital data doesn’t get into the wrong hands as well.

If you are an individual who has sensitive documents that need to be shredded or if you own and operate a company or business where sensitive documents need to be destroyed, make sure that you consider going with a professional document shredding company for all of your shredding services. The benefits are numerous, and it can ultimately save you a lot of time and money.

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