5 Reasons That You Need a Water Purifier for Your Home

December 23, 2018 Andy 0

Everyone knows that water is very important and that you will need it for your home. Some homes have access to tap water that is less than ideal, though. If the quality of your water is not up to your standards, then you may be interested in water purification systems. Take a look at these five reasons that you may need a water purifier for your home, and learn more about the subject.

The Need for a Secure Mobile Form App for Contractors

January 8, 2017 Andy 0

As the number of smartphone and tablet owners increase, there has been an incredible rise in the popularity of the mobile Pronto Form App. The greatest beneficiaries, however, are companies and organizations whose workers are usually based in different remote locations. Among them are contractors who are more likely to send their employees to work in far and apart locations, many miles away from the main office. According to SANS Institute report, employees are demanding accessibility to business apps and data from anywhere and anytime but want to choose the devices they should use.

Ensuring Successful System Integration Testing

January 4, 2016 Andy 0

System integration testing, formally known as SIT, is basically a black box testing technique of evaluating the compliance of a system against some set requirements. The SIT is carried out on a system subset with minimum utilization of testing tools, certified for the specific interactions exchanged as well as for each data field within the individual layer being investigated.