4 Designs for Residential Bay Windows

If you would like to enhance the look of a large living area in your home, you can do so by including the right windows. Maybe your home features a lovely bay window on the front of the house. If so, you do not have to limit yourself in this respect. There are a few different types of bay window designs that are worth considering. A bay window can be half-square, semi-octagonal, semi-hexagonal, or semi-circular in design. It may also exhibit 90-, 135-, or 150-degree angles. Therefore, you are not restricted when making a choice. Your selection will depend on your home’s architecture and the climate where you live.

1. Box Bay Window

This type of window features a 90-degree angle so it looks box-shaped. It features one large window with small windows on the sides, and often includes storage in the middle. A seating area may also be featured in this memorable and traditional design. These kinds of windows are suitable for displaying plants or ornamentation. Some of the designs can be installed in a kitchen to provide sunlight and a view that does not interfere with a home’s shape. This type of window is one of the more economical styles.

2. Bow Bay Window

This type of window is curved and projects from the wall of the house. The bow window is designed to add space by sticking out from the exterior of the building. It offers a broad view of the street or a garden. The window is made up of four or more casement window installations. It is called a bow design because it curves outward. The window can be installed on any storey. This is the type of window to choose if you want to open up a space but not replace or reposition a wall.

3. Circle Bay Window

This type of window is an updated version of the bow bay window design. This window is designed by combining windows in a circular configuration. This design features an enclosure around the corners of a home. This type of window became stylish during the Gothic period and is a great addition to living rooms, dining nooks, and bedrooms.

A circle bay window is larger than an oriel window but comes with more embellishments than a box bay window. The style of the window takes advantage of the surrounding view but also lets in the sunlight. Many come capped with a cone-shaped roof design. This type of window emerged in the 1870s.

4. Oriel Bay Window

An oriel window is often used to permit optimum use of a restricted site. The window projects from an upper storey and is supported by corbels or brackets. This type of traditional window looks great on period houses or historic homes. This type of window is often included on homes where the view is not great, but you can see a lovely view toward the far end of a building. For instance, if you live in a seaside location, you can use an oriel window to see the ocean. You may not be able to see the ocean in front of you, but the configuration of the window will enable you to see the sea. If you would like more information, Panes has additional resources available.

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