Four Benefits of Outsourcing Your Call Center

Posted By Andy

If your business has inbound call centres to serve your customers’ various needs, you may rely on the professionals in these call centres to provide your customers with excellent service. Customer service and support is critical to developing brand loyalty and promoting a good company image. With this in mind, you may feel like you can retain better control of your call center and answering service department. However, there are substantial benefits that you can enjoy when you look more closely at outsourcing your business communications. In fact, these are some of the more common benefits that you may expect.

1. More Efficient Use of Space

In-house call centres take up a substantial amount of space. You need a desk area or cubicle for each agent or representative. They need bathroom facilities, a break room and other areas. This is space that could be used more efficiently for your growing company. When outsourcing your business communications, you may also eliminate the need to keep your technology updated for this department, to buy them supplies and more.

2. Reduced Human Resources and Management Needs

Your call center may have dozens or even hundreds of employees. This team needs regular HR services and managerial oversight. These additional services cost your company a substantial amount of money. Keep in mind that you may also pay for benefits for your call center team as well as for the related management and human resources professionals.

3. Extended Customer Service Hours

In many cases, an in-house call center is only staffed for specific hours of the day. You may have traditional business hours or slightly extended business hours, but both of these can be inconvenient for your customers. Remember that many customers are busy during the day, and they often need to take care of personal matters before or after their own work hours. It can be frustrating for them to reach out to your company for help only to find that your office is not open for business. You may want to browse the Extend Communications website for additional information.

4. Professionally-Trained Call Center Agents

You may think that outsourcing your call center would result in lower-quality customer service, but this may not necessarily be true. Because outsourcing centers provide this service as their primary or even sole business activity, they strive for excellence in many cases. This may include requiring their team to attend regular training sessions, and this may be more than you require of your current customer service or call center team.

Regardless of the current size of your call center, it is important to explore the pros and cons of keeping this department in-house or outsourcing it. There are substantial benefits associated with outsourcing, and you may find that this is the right solution for your business.

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5 Things to Look for in Mascot Costumes

Posted By Andy

When you’re looking to boost the visibility of your company or school, a mascot could be a great option. There are a few things to look at when choosing custom mascots.

1. Colors

Your company or school has specific colors already in place. These colors need to be carried over into the mascot costume. If you choose completely different colors, it will be hard for people to know that the mascot is from your company or school. This could mean you’re spending the money for a costume for nothing, which is not what you’re trying to do.

2. Character

Decide on a character that makes sense for who you are. Whether it’s a cowboy, a panther, a dog, or something else, be sure it is a character that people can relate to. If you’re a fun school or company, then be sure to choose a fun character. When you’re looking at mascot costumes that are already out there, you can pull some inspiration from them.

3. Sizing

Someone is going to be responsible for dressing up in the mascot costume. As such, you want to find a size for the mascot that will be a comfortable fit. Keep in mind that you might have more than one person dressing as the mascot from time to time. Many times, there is a one-size-fits-all option. However, if the person wearing the costume is petite or plus-sized, you need to be sure that the costume provides a good fit.

4. Branding

Your brand has to be obvious by looking at the mascot costume. You might want to have your logo or name written on the mascot’s chest. This is something you need to decide upon early on so that it can be incorporated into the custom design for the costume. For further information, visit Hogtown Mascots Inc. for additional information and insights.

5. Ease of Wearing

It’s important to look at how easy it is to get the mascot costume on and off. Someone is going to be wearing it, so you want to ensure that they’re able to get dressed without a lot of help. Additionally, you should look to see how hot it will be inside the costume so that they will be comfortable.

A mascot is a great addition to your brand. When you’re having a custom costume designed, be sure to get input from several people within your organization so that you can be sure you have thought of everything. It will ensure you have a better mascot to present to the community.

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The Different Hard Drive Destruction Techniques

Posted By Andy

Proper hard drive destruction is essential if you intend to prevent the recovery of previously contained information. All you may need to destroy your paper documents might be professional paper shredding services. However, destroying your electronically stored data might be a little bit more challenging. Unfortunately, you cannot permanently remove any file from a hard drive by selecting it and pressing the delete button. To ensure you understand hard drive destruction techniques and make the right choice, below is a detailed look at safe data removal options. The Shred-it website provides a collection of online resources and information that may interest you.

1. Overwriting the hard drive

This method of document destruction uses disk-wiping software to replace the data stored in hard drives with meaningless characters. Choosing disk-wiping software that is compatible with the hard disk to be overwritten is of uttermost importance, especially since there are various versions available. In some countries, overwriting is recommended before degaussing or destruction, particularly for operable hard drives. However, one overwriting pass is never enough, which is why it has to be performed by a careful and patient person who understands the process. Overwriting it might take a considerable amount of time depending on the size and age of your drive.

2. Degaussing

This method involves eliminating the drive’s magnetic field. The two degaussing alternatives are:

• Passing hard disks through the magnetic field of a powerful, fixed, rare-earth magnet to erase data permanently.
• The use of a powerful electromechanical pulse to create a strong magnetic field instantaneously. This magnetic field is then used to permanently erase data from hard drives placed in an enclosed chamber.

Because of variations in the format, magnetic density, and method by which hard disks store information, you need a degaussing device with enough magnetic power to overcome the hard drive’s magnetic field and erase the stored data completely.

3. Crushing

This technique completely destroys data by subjecting the hard drives to extreme pressure. A conical steel punch, available in powered and manual models, is usually used. Crushing is only good for destroying a low volume of drives even though rendering a drive inoperable by deforming it solves the problem of document destruction. However, the information contained is still intact even if your hard disk is deformed. The data is just harder to retrieve.

4. Shredding

This method involves the use of hard-drive shredders that rip the drives to shreds. Although this process is the same as paper shredding, the machines used are stronger and can destroy different types of drives. The largest hard-drive shredder available is capable of destroying as much as 2,500 drives per hour.

5. Disintegration

This method involves the use of a heavy-duty disintegrator to cut the hard drives into small pieces until they become unrecognizable and not reconstructible. This process is usually done after shredding. While this method is the same as shredding, disintegration results in much smaller and more damaged particles.

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The 6 Reasons Why You Should Never Shred Your Own Sensitive Documents

Posted By Andy

Many people don’t realize that identity theft is a real thing. Furthermore, they don’t realize that often, identity theft happens because sensitive documents get into the wrong hands. You can avoid this by shredding sensitive documents that you have at your home, or if you have a business or organization, you can shred these documents as well.

The question is where should you shred your documents. Many companies, organizations and individuals feel that shredding documents themselves is the best idea, but it’s actually not a wise choice, and here’s why.

1) You’ll waste your precious time.

Paper shredding at home will ultimately take you a lot of time. Unless you have an extremely large and expensive shredder, someone will need to feed each document through the shredder, which can take hours.

2) You’ll waste your money as well.

Document destruction Victoria naturally requires the use of a quality shredder, and these can be extremely expensive, especially if you purchase one that is meant for business and industrial use. They also require special parts if they need fixing.

3) The whole experience can be stressful.

When you know that you have sensitive information from other people, it can be stressful when it comes to dealing with this information. However, handing this responsibility over to professionals can put your mind at ease and reduce the stress on you and your employees. Furthermore, professionals will make sure that you are abiding by federal and state regulations on the destruction of personal information.

4) Your personal information might still be at risk.

When you use an at home paper shredder, you are not actually destroying your sensitive documents in the most effective way because these shredders shred documents in a way where information could still be compromised. On the other hand, professional paper shredders absolutely destroy sensitive documents so that they could never be put back together or deemed readable.

5) You may lose customers if they know that you don’t outsource your shredding.

Your clients and customers will be happiest knowing that their sensitive information is being completely destroyed by professionals.

6) You can get other services done when you go with a secure document shredding company.

Many document shredding companies also take care of things like hard drive destruction. This can be valuable so that digital data doesn’t get into the wrong hands as well.

If you are an individual who has sensitive documents that need to be shredded or if you own and operate a company or business where sensitive documents need to be destroyed, make sure that you consider going with a professional document shredding company for all of your shredding services. The benefits are numerous, and it can ultimately save you a lot of time and money.

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Understanding Real Estate Laws

Posted By Andy

An estate is all the property both real and personal, owned or controlled by a person at the time of his or her death. The property may be held in partnership, your name, in joint ownership, or through a trust. Your estate entails all personal property, powers appointment, life insurance and annuity contracts, real property, and businesses and business interests. Real estate laws are legal statements that give a guideline on absolute terms, scenarios, conditions, and obligations each party and organization need to follow while making deals concerning buildings and land. An estate lawyer oversees business transactions and guides parties to adhere to estate laws. The laws protect both sides in any such agreement concerning real estate.

Roles of estate lawyers
Estate lawyers specialize in real estate law, and they document and go over property transactions like inspections, purchases, transfering business ownership, appraisals, and leases. An estate lawyer will also help in resolving insurance and environmental issues. In case you experience a problem with business transactions, an estate lawyer will go to court to defend the property owner involved in the lawsuit.

Estate lawyers draft documents with the guidelines of real estate law. They will put together purchase contracts, financing agreements, conveyance transactions, rental agreements, and leases. Note that a property agent can assist you to fill out the paperwork; however, only a licensed estate lawyer with experience in real estate law can draft and revise the documents.

An estate lawyer will also negotiate terms and conditions of various deals on behalf on a client. It will entail working together with other brokers, estate attorneys, investors, and developers. Sometimes real estate deals do not turn out as they were planned, and in such cases, courts get involved. That is where the experience and knowledge of estate attorneys come into play. The attorney puts into place the legal pleadings to file with the judge. An estate lawyer will represent a client in court.

Estate attorneys are also concerned with reviewing and advising people on real estate transactions. A client negotiates his or her transaction and signs a contract then hires an estate attorney to look at the deal and advise accordingly. These lawyers are trained so they can notice an issue that the client cannot recognize.

What you must know about real estate law
Every property owner or investor needs to understand the basics of real estate law; not just estate agents and attorneys. Investors should understand the legal procedures to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership of property they are buying or selling. Additionally, understand the financial implications of buying the property and the guiding law.

An investor must also understand the classification of properties and how laws apply. Note that real estate law has different applications to residential and commercial properties. The tax laws relating to property should also be a concern for every investor. Tenancy aspect of the property law needs to be clearly understood by a landlord or landlady. Ensure you comprehend all legal terms referred to in property laws.

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The Need for a Secure Mobile Form App for Contractors

Posted By Andy

As the number of smartphone and tablet owners increase, there has been an incredible rise in the popularity of the mobile form app. The greatest beneficiaries, however, are companies and organizations whose workers are usually based in different remote locations. Among them are contractors who are more likely to send their employees to work in far and apart locations, many miles away from the main office. According to SANS Institute report, employees are demanding accessibility to business apps and data from anywhere and anytime but want to choose the devices they should use.

Like all good things, however, mobile workforce forms come with various challenges. Greatest among them are security loopholes that, in one way or another, may result to leakage of critical data. In addition, the data may be altered in case of theft of the device or irresponsible behavior of an employee.

Forms of Security Threats

One of the biggest risks to mobile form apps, grayware is the space between genuine software and malware. It is known for its persistent intrusion and can lead to great damages. For instance, it can result into leakage of sensitive information, change book marks and mislead users into installing other apps.

Additional threats include stealing of information, infection and reconfiguration of devices, tracking users and piggybacking on accounts. In addition, the apps may cause drainage of battery, low productivity of employees as well as increase in the costs of mobile data plans. These security threats are commonly known as performance risks.

Protecting Mobile Apps

As a contractor, you can always enlist the assistance of mobile security experts to protect your mobile apps against threats. Numerous technologies and methods can be used to secure access to your organizations data through mobile devices, including data loss prevention (DLP) which is used to remove any possibility of loss of the contractor’s data.

Many companies use Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms to control accessibility to certain apps on their network by devices. One of the benefits of using MDM is its ability to accommodate software distribution, password and encryption management, remote wipe and lock as well as configuration, among other tasks. In addition, it doesn’t make it any difficult for employees to use their personal devices in their work, thereby cutting down on costs and improving convenience.


The space between personal life and workplace responsibilities has narrowed. Employees use the same devices and apps for both personal and workplace obligations. To protect your form app, therefore, you should ensure more security by imposing policies and taking your employees through training. For example, you may allow the downloading of apps only from the company’s app store. By providing user education to your employees, you help them understand all the risks involved in the downloading of the company’s apps into personal mobile devices. There are resources available at ProntoForms if you want more information.

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Ensuring Successful System Integration Testing

Posted By Andy

System integration testing, formally known as SIT, is basically a black box testing technique of evaluating the compliance of a system against some set requirements. The SIT is carried out on a system subset with minimum utilization of testing tools, certified for the specific interactions exchanged as well as for each data field within the individual layer being investigated.

Complete Unit Testing First

Typically, System Integration Testing should take place after completing System Unit Testing (SUT) and prior to complete system testing. It provides the bridge between functionality of the software and full system operation, and provides application quality assurance.

Your strategy of integration software testing cannot be executed successfully if first, code has not passed the process of unit testing (SUT). Developers write unit tests to make sure each small portion of code is properly functioning. These shouldn’t have any outside systems dependencies; rather, they ought to test internal consistency.

Using unit testing for checking code prior to passing it down the system funnel reduces the number of bugs testers. It boosts user experience as they begin testing individual system pieces as well as verifying how small collections are working together.

Integration software testing validates whether the functional sub processes operating within the system are working appropriately when integrated together. Without it, you could have buggy code even before the integration has taken shape.

Have Software Configuration Management

Before you start with the System Integration Testing, ensure that a dynamic Software Configuration Management system has been put in place. Otherwise you may encounter a hard time keeping track of the right version of each of the units. This is particularly true if the number of units that are to be integrated is substantial.

As part of ensuring a successful System Integration Testing, make sure that an appropriate detail design document is ready where the interactions between the different units have been clearly defined. You will not in fact be able to carry out the Integration Testing without first acquiring this information.

When Possible Automate Testing

Integration testing, whenever possible, should be automated without compromising the process integrity. Checking for defects manually is time-consuming, tedious, and in a number of instances ineffective.

Automated integration testing allows your development teams to continue working while the software testing is being performed. Besides that, automation runs tests quickly and repeatedly, increasing the chances of identifying small defects immediately, which gives developers time to implement suitable fixes.


An effective system integration testing strategy is crucial to your entire software development process. The goal of this level of system testing is to provide application quality assurance by exposing potential faults and defects in the interaction between units that are integrated. Either the testing can be performed by developers themselves or by independent testers. There are additional resources available at QA Consultants.

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Reduce Liability Risk With Professional Document Shredding

Posted By Andy

Almost all professional businesses generate paperwork that contains valuable customer information and private employee information on it. This may include reports showing employees’ salaries, customer’s credit card information or medical history and much more. When such documents are not properly destroyed through effective document shredding practices, there is a risk that they could fall into the wrong hands. This could result in identity theft, loss of funds and much more for your customers and employees alike. As a business, you may be held liable for such events if you fail to use proper paper shredding services and practices in your operations. Closer analysis of the situation will reveal why you may need to improve your document destruction practices.

The Impact of Identity Theft on Your Business
Identity theft and other related crimes are more than just a stressful hassle for your customers and employees to deal with. In some cases, they may lose hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. They may also spend countless hours trying to rectify the situation through dealing with credit card companies, credit reporting agencies and more. In addition, there undoubtedly is pain and suffering associated with this process. When your business is linked to identity theft or other related crimes, you may be exposed to an expensive liability lawsuit that covers all aspects of the impact this situation had on their lives. More than that, the media may pick up the story, and this could result in a disastrous public relations nightmare that can be difficult for your business to overcome. Between the legal costs and the potential loss of income, your company may experience a huge financial hit.

How Paper Shredding Services Can Help
Through document shredding practices, you can ensure that all private and personal documents are properly destroyed. While your team could shred documents on your own with a small shredder, it is best to use professional paper shredding services. Through professional document destruction services, you can drastically reduce your liability exposure. This is because professional services use a locked storage box for documents until they are ready to be picked up and shredded. Professional services use the best possible method of shredding to yield superior results for you.

The liability risk that companies face through improper document destruction practices can be significant, but there is an easy resolution to dealing with this risk. You simply have to hire the right company to provide paper shredding services. When shopping around, look for a company that uses on-site shredding using the hammermill shredding method for the best results. To gain more information, Shred-it may be able to provide additional insights with their online resources.

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Gifts for Her…


Gifts for Her…

Posted By Andy

We have a few ideas of what she might like to receive this holiday.  There’s a mix of easy to find pick-up items, as well as collectibles!

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Gifts for Him


Gifts for Him

Posted By Andy

Isn’t so hard to buy for guy?  Well, we rounded up some cool picks that our own cool guys would want this holiday.  Here are our last minute gift ideas!

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