Reduce Liability Risk With Professional Document Shredding

December 28, 2016 Andy 0

Almost all professional businesses generate paperwork that contains valuable customer information and private employee information on it. This may include reports showing employees’ salaries, customer’s credit card information or medical history and much more. When such documents are not properly destroyed through effective document shredding Chattanooga, there is a risk that they could fall into the wrong hands. This could result in identity theft, loss of funds and much more for your customers and employees alike. As a business, you may be held liable for such events if you fail to use proper paper shredding services and practices in your operations. Closer analysis of the situation will reveal why you may need to improve your document destruction practices.

The Different Hard Drive Destruction Techniques

September 13, 2016 Andy 0

Proper hard drive destruction Glasgow is essential if you intend to prevent the recovery of previously contained information. All you may need to destroy your paper documents might be professional paper shredding services. However, destroying your electronically stored data might be a little bit more challenging. Unfortunately, you cannot permanently remove any file from a hard drive by selecting it and pressing the delete button. To ensure you understand hard drive destruction techniques and make the right choice, below is a detailed look at safe data removal options.

The 6 Reasons Why You Should Never Shred Your Own Sensitive Documents

April 27, 2016 Andy 0

Many people don’t realize that identity theft is a real thing. Furthermore, they don’t realize that often, identity theft happens because sensitive Shred-it get into the wrong hands. You can avoid this by shredding sensitive documents that you have at your home, or if you have a business or organization, you can shred these documents as well.

Ensuring Successful System Integration Testing

January 4, 2016 Andy 0

System integration testing, formally known as SIT, is basically a black box testing technique of evaluating the compliance of a system against some set requirements. The SIT is carried out on a system subset with minimum utilization of testing tools, certified for the specific interactions exchanged as well as for each data field within the individual layer being investigated.